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Certificate Course in Plant Tissue Culture

Plant tissue culture is the science of growing plant cells, tissues or organs isolated from the mother plant, on artificial media. Plant tissue culture produces clones of a plant. The technique is used in agriculture, horticulture, the tree produced based industry etc. Direct and indirect organogenesis, somatic embryogenesis, micropropagation for large-scale multiplication of plants, haploid production through anther culture etc. are some specialized techniques used in plant tissues culture.

Job prospects

Plant produce based economy of our country gives our students ample job opportunities. After completion of the course, the students are either absorbed in Agri base industries or become an independent entrepreneur. Equipped with the knowledge of mass-scale production, these people can work as Research analyst, Fermentation technologist, Pesticide specialist, Agricultural Consultant, etc.
The Plant Tissue culture Certificate program is specially designed to make degree-seeking students and non-degree seeking students appropriate for employment in the plant produce based industry. Equipped with the strong knowledge of plant science and tissue culture processes and technology related directly to this industry such as mass scale production, clonal propagation from various tissues etc., the students easily get employment.


Course Fees

Rs.8000/- + Rs.2000/-

Course Duration

1-week practical training and Project Work
1-week Classroom training program and Project Work