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Project Training

Project Training


Project Duration Time-Frame: 7 Days -180 Days

The duration of the Project work will vary from 7 Days -180 Days as per the student’s requirements. The fee structure would be charged on the basis of duration of the project work. The institute would provide project from time to time as it gets substantial amount of the students.

Identification of the Topic & Scope

In the first instance the aims and objectives of the topic chosen would be defined. The related information would be collected from the available literature and internet sources. Various Bioprogramming tools would be employed for creating various sites and databases.

Preparation and Submission of Project Report

The Project work aims to identify and share the role of the course in the present technological era. It would promote original ability, creativity and effectiveness of the course in the industry, research etc. The project would further enhance the knowledge and applicability of the subject.

  1. Spiral bound project report (50-100 pages)
  2. Report will be written in the following Headings